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A teaching moment is a defining and spontaneous educational opportunity when learning can be maximized.  The term originated in the early 1950s as an unexpected ideal opportunity between a teacher and a child as a “light bulb” learning moment.

  • A teaching moment can happen to anyone … anywhere… at any time.
  • Share your teaching moment!

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George Eastman Educator Guide - by Grace Nall - Page 1George Eastman:  Bringing Photography to the People

George Eastman Book Cover - Author Lynda Pflueger 2015by Lynda Pflueger (http://www.lyndapflueger.com/)

A biography of George Eastman, Founder of Kodak

Educator Guide by Grace Nall, NBCT, Educational Consultant, Reading Specialist

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Secrets of the Flame Educator Guide - by Grace Nall - Page 1Secrets of the Flame:  The Power to Protect

Secrets of the Flame - Power to Protect by Cindy Schurichtby Cindy Schuricht (http://hundredbookpileup.com/?page_id=52)

Educator Guide by Grace Nall, NBCT, Educational Consultant, Reading Specialist

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Coming Soon: Featured Educator in “Tackle Reading” Book to Promote Literacy

30/06/2016   |   No Comments »

I’m excited to share information about ‪#‎TackleReading‬, a national movement that promotes quality reading instruction for all children. The TACKLE READING book is a reading resource written by over 45 NFL players, celebrities, literacy leaders, reading organizations, and fellow educators. This title has stories, tips, lessons, and activities to motivate children, support parents, and inspire teachers to love literacy!  It’s exciting to take part in the initiative!

The t-shirts became available today for purchase (teespring.com/tackle-reading). Each shirt purchased gives the gift of reading to a child in the United States! Choose from multiple colors and sizes for men and women. I’m among the featured educators in this spirit wear in the fall. Click on to the link to see the full lineup of writers for the TACKLE READING book! https://kathrynstarke.wordpress.com/…/tackle-reading-lineup/

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