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A teaching moment is a defining and spontaneous educational opportunity when learning can be maximized.  The term originated in the early 1950s as an unexpected ideal opportunity between a teacher and a child as a “light bulb” learning moment.

  • A teaching moment can happen to anyone … anywhere… at any time.
  • Share your teaching moment!

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 * Adoption Reviewer:  English Language Arts (ELA) and English Language Development (ELD) for Instructional Materials Aligned to the California Common Core State Standards

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* Reviewer:  Draft of  the California Science Curriculum Framework 

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George Eastman Educator Guide - by Grace Nall - Page 1George Eastman:  Bringing Photography to the People

George Eastman Book Cover - Author Lynda Pflueger 2015by Lynda Pflueger (http://www.lyndapflueger.com/)

A biography of George Eastman, Founder of Kodak

Educator Guide by Grace Nall, NBCT, Educational Consultant, Reading Specialist

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Secrets of the Flame Educator Guide - by Grace Nall - Page 1Secrets of the Flame:  The Power to Protect

Secrets of the Flame - Power to Protect by Cindy Schurichtby Cindy Schuricht (http://hundredbookpileup.com/?page_id=52)

Educator Guide by Grace Nall, NBCT, Educational Consultant, Reading Specialist

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Tips for Authors: What Teachers Want to Know – Creating Teacher Guides for Your Book

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SCBWI San DiegoAn author’s marketing plan should include book promotional and informational materials addressing the educational market.  A well-crafted teacher’s guide can be used to promote your book at conferences, book fairs, school assemblies, and class visits.   Find out more in an upcoming post.


Old Mission San Luis ReyThanks to The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) -San Diego for the opportunity to present at Mission San Luis Rey for its San Diego Spring Retreat.


My presentation covers “What Teachers Want to Know:  Creating Teacher Guides for Your Book.”


Questions?  Please visit  http://www.teachingseasons.com/contact/ and I’ll address the questions in future posts.


Feb. 27 -28, 2016

SCBWI - Old Mission San Luis Rey Retreat- Feb 27 and 28 2016


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